Racing - Trofeo World Series 2013

Trofeo World Series 2013

The Trofeo Maserati World Series is an international mono-brand racing championship, dedicated to all drivers aiming to race in the GT class with a prestigious brand, with races to be held in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

A new race format awaits for the entrants, one that will raise the standards and make each round more exciting. For the 2013 season, there will be two 30-minute events and one lasting 50 minutes (with a compulsory pit stop and driver change for crewed cars). However, the real change will be the introduction of added time for the quickest drivers: the top five drivers in the weekend’s first two races (determined by totalling their times) will have to pit from 5 to 20 seconds longer, on top of their compulsory 45 seconds, during the endurance race.

The winner (or winners) of the Championship crown will be awarded an exclusive numbered and name-plated ‘Maserati 8CTF single speed’ bicycle. The bike derives from the Maserati 8CTF Limited Edition and has been produced by Montante Cicli in a limited run of 200 to celebrate Wilbur Shaw’s 1939 and 1940 wins in the Indianapolis 500 at the wheel of the Maserati 8CTF.

A unique motorsport experience for all racing customers and partners.

The Maserati Trofeo is a top-class series. The organisation is excellent, the atmosphere is great and the car is reliable; you couldn’t ask for more.

Renaud Kuppens


    World Series (1 Test Ufficiale + 6 Rounds): 120.000,00€ + IVA
    European Series (1 Test Ufficiale + 3 Rounds): 70.000,00€ + IVA
    1 Test Ufficiale + Round 1: 30.000,00€ + IVA

    Quota iscrizione per team privati o possessori della vettura:

    Quota World Series (6 Rounds): 45.000,00€(*) + IVA
    Quota gara singola: 8.500,00€ (*)+ IVA

    (*) Il Test Ufficiale e il kit abbigliamento non sono inclusi


    All events of the Trofeo MC World Series 2013 are made of 3 races over the weekend. The two sprint races of 30’ are the prelude to the more challenging long race of 50’, where all drivers must observe a pit stop and driver’s change. An intensive race program of 240’ of total track time suitable for both, single or twin drivers, where the good combination of performance, strategy and consistency can make the difference.


    The racing weekend is made of three days, from Friday to Sunday.

    Free practice sessions: 2 x 45’
    Qualifying sessions: 2 x 20’
    Race 1: 30’
    Race 2: 30’
    Race 3: 50’ (with a mandatory pit stop)

    A new rule will add more thrill to each event:

    The drivers with the top 5 best combined results of Race 1 + Race 2 must observe an extended pit stop in Race 3 as per the following scheme:

    1st best Race 1 + Race 2: 45”+ 20”
    2nd best Race 1 + Race 2: 45” + 15”
    3rd best Race 1 + Race 2: 45” + 10”
    4th best Race 1 + Race 2: 45” + 5”
    5th best Race 1 + Race 2: 45” + 5”


    The Trofeo MC is open to all drivers with a valid International Competitor/Driver sporting licence grade A, B or C.


    06/03/2013  Misano (Shake down Test)
    25/03/2013  Vallelunga (Shake down Test)
    14/04/2013  Misano (Official Test)
    28/04/2013  Paul Ricard
    02/06/2013  Nurburgring
    14/07/2013  Silverstone
    25/08/2013  Sonoma
    03/11/2013  Shanghai
    14/12/2013  Abu Dhabi


    The all inclusive package is made of:

    - Use of a GranTurismo MC for all events (1 test + 6 races);
    - Availability of a spare car, in case of technical failure or irreparable damage during the 6 races (*);
    - Spare parts for the regular maintenance of the car;
    - All tires and petrol for each event;
    - Full technical assistance on track, with a dedicated mechanic;
    - Insurance coverage with driver’s damage liability up to max 10.000,00€;
    - Free practice sessions, as per the official race format;
    - Telemetry data analysis with a race engineer, after the free practice sessions;
    - Personal sponsors logos exposure on the car;
    - Access and parking pass for each Driver + 1 Guest;
    - Weekend hospitality services for each Driver + 1 Guest;
    - 2013 Trofeo MC casual team wear kit;

    (*) The spare car by Maserati is reserved to drivers applying for the Trofeo full season. The teams racing with their own car cannot dispose of the spare car by Maserati.


    The following titles will be awarded at the end of the racing season:

    - TROFEO “ASSOLUTO” (open to all Drivers)
    - “DRIVERS CUP” (open to Drivers racing with cars owned by Maserati)
    - “TEAM CUP” (open to Teams/Drivers racing with own car)
    - “PRIZE OVER 50” (open to all Drivers)
    - “PRIZE UNDER 30” (open to all Drivers)
    - “PRIZE POLE POSITION” (open to all Drivers)